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Nanomerics receives pIND guidance from the US FDA for NM134

Today Nanomerics received supportive pIND guidance from the US FDA on the development of its asset - NM134.

NM134 is indicated for the treatment of an undisclosed, potentially sight threatening eye disease and is enabled by Nanomerics’ Molecular Envelope Technology (MET). Nanomerics’ MET delivers drugs across biological barriers and significantly increases drug bioavailability. Nanomerics’ MET is non-irritant on topical application to the eye, enables the formulation of hydrophobic drugs in aqueous media and is an ocular penetration enhancer. Nanomerics’ Chief Scientific Officer - Professor Ijeoma F. Uchegbu said, “we are pleased to have received supportive guidance from the US FDA on the development of NM134 and we aim to position NM134, such that it helps the thousands of patients suffering around the world”. Nanomerics’ Chief Executive Officer, Professor Andreas G. Schatzlein said, ’this supportive FDA guidance further supports our business model and vindicates our strategy to create new medicines using the power of Nanomerics’ MET to produce superior clinical outcomes and premium pricing.”


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