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Nanomerics wins the United Kingdom King’s Award for Enterprise 2024

London, United Kingdom May 6th, 2024.  Nanomerics Ltd., a private speciality pharmaceutical company today announced that it had been awarded the prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise 2024 in the Innovation category. 

The King’s Award for Enterprise is the most prestigious business award in the UK.  The award recognises exceptional achievements in business in one of four categories: Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity Through Social Mobility.  Nanomerics’ award recognises the company’s innovative medicine technologies.  Nanomerics Ltd. has developed an active excipient platform for Precision Medicines with improved efficacy and reduced side effects.

Nanomerics is based in  state of the art laboratories in North London.  Nanomerics’ Chief Executive Officer, Professor Andreas G. Schätzlein, says, “it is a real honour to win the King’s Award for Enterprise 2024 in the Innovation category.  This award recognises the efforts we are making to ensure that drug development has a higher likelihood of success.  On behalf of the entire company, we express our thanks to the awarding committee.”  

Nanomerics Team celebrates the award

The enhanced precision is achieved by encapsulating nano-scaled drug doses in a new Molecular Envelope Technology (MET), enabling water insoluble drug compounds to pass through mucosal barriers and more effectively reach the disease site. The novel polymer designs enable the encapsulation of ingredients in a much more stable form than has been achievable before, transforming a laboratory technique into a therapeutic solution. The platform has received a Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Innovation Passport, the entry point to the Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP), which aims to accelerate time to market, facilitating patient access to innovative technologies.  

Nanomerics’ MET is a non-irritant ocular penetration enhancer that has been used to formulate eye drops such as: OC134, indicated for severe allergic eye disease and OC137, indicated for the treatment of retinal diseases.  Nanomerics is currently executing an OC134 Phase I clinical trial project.  The conclusion of trial will transform the company to a clinical stage company and enable Nanomerics’ MET to be used for a variety of ophthalmic active pharmaceutical ingredients.   

Nanomerics’ MET also underpins a number of Nanomerics’ central nervous system assets.  Noteworthy among these is Envelta™, a nasal spray powder, which is being developed as a pain therapeutic.  Envelta™ has been out-licensed by Nanomerics to Virpax Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:VRPX).  Envelta™ is being developed by Virpax Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Nanomerics also has other collaborations with companies aiming to develop new medicines using its MET.   

Drug developers using Nanomerics’ technologies benefit from extending the commercial life of drugs and creating new treatments. Patients benefit from less intrusive delivery methods, e.g. retina eye drops that avoid the need for needles and brain medicines that may be administered as nasal sprays.  Ultimately these drug delivery technologies aim to minimise side effects and increase patient adherence to their medications.  Nanomerics’ technologies, by locating more of the drug molecule at disease sites, make medicines more efficacious and more likely to succeed in alleviating patient signs and symptoms.    


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