Product Strategy.

Nanomerics' products are based on clinically proven drugs with a focus on creating new therapeutic entities (NTEs). These are well differentiated by using the MET platform to:

a) make the drug deliverable, 

b) provide new and improved drug administration routes,

c) allow repurposing of the drug for a new indication.

By focusing on known drugs, Nanomerics has a strategic advantage, as it overcomes the well documented challenges of reduced research and development productivity and increased development costs and timelines [1].

Nanomerics Enabling.

The MET platform is particularly applicable for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are hydrophobic small molecules and peptides.
Nanomerics is also working with a number of pharmaceutical companies to address delivery challenges faced by our partners with specific proprietary compounds. A selection of APIs which have been successfully enabled using Nanomerics' MET can be found in the Science section. Get in touch to discuss using Nanomerics' MET to overcome critical delivery challenges.

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[1]Nosengo, Nicola. 2016. “Can You Teach Old Drugs New Tricks?.” Nature, June 16. doi:10.1038/534314a.