The need
remains undiminished
for better medicines
Our research
uses nanomedicines know-how
to optimise medicines
to maximise patient benefit
We work with
the best medical experts
in the world
Nanomerics' technology
creates diversified products
that bring genuine patient benefit




NM133 is a nano enabled form of cyclosporine A that is being investigated for the treatment of dry eye disease.



NM127 is a strong pain therapeutic based on an endogenous peptide and could replace the current opiate analgesics.



NM147 is a oral form of the Amphotericin B indicated for the treatment of various fungal infections and leishmaniasis.



Nanomerics has a number of other products in its development pipeline

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Molecular Envelope Technology (MET)

MET is based on a proprietary polymer with tightly controlled chemical properties engineered to form defined nano-sized drug carriers.


Carrier Stability

MET polymers form polymeric micelles which are extremely stable, predictable and carry high API payloads.



MET is regarded as safe as particles gradually disintegrate resulting in complete polymer excretion.



MET particles increase delivery of APIs across a number of epithelial barriers by between 5-40 fold.

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