Nanomerics to Present NM147 Oral Amphotericin at Worldleish 2017

Nanomerics will be presenting data on NM147,  the MET-enabled oral form of Amphotericin B,  at the 6th World Congress on Leishmaniasis (Worldleish 2017).  The conference is organised by the WHO ColIaborating Centre for Leishmaniasis and DNDi and will be held in Toledo, Spain, from 16 to 20 May 2017. 

Amphotericin B given as an intravenous infusion is an effective drug for the treatment for visceral Leishamaniasis that has been available for 60 years with little evidence of any resistance developing.  One of the limiting side effects of Amphotericin B is its potential kidney toxicity. Currently the liposomal form is considered the 'gold standard' due to relative reduced kidney toxicity.

Nanomerics oral NM147 tablets not only remove the need for intravenous infusion and the associated logistical challenges but importantly have been shown to reduce Amphotericin B kidney exposure and brin higher target organ levels, thus dramaticlly reducing the risk of side effects.




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