Nanomerics announces new US and Japan patents

Nanomerics is pleased to announce the imminent publication of key patents underpinning its NM127 asset. Nanomerics has been notified by the US Patent and Trademark Office of the imminent publication of US10213474 on the 26th of February.  This key patent further strengthens Nanomerics patent portfolio and enables Nanomerics to continue the development of NM127.  Nanomerics is also pleased to announce a notice of allowance issued by the Japanese Intellectual Property Office for application JP2016-526933.  This patent application also underpins Nanomerics NM127 asset in the relevant territory.  

Nanomerics Chief Executive Officer, Professor Andreas Schatzlein says, “we are delighted that the patent offices in the two of the largest world markets has agreed that our patent applications are allowable.”  Professor Schatzlein further added,  "Nanomerics  is an innovative company and its assets are backed by strong intellectual property composition of matter patents with market favourable lifetimes.”  

Nanomerics will continue to innovate and develop further intellectual property to consolidate its business and enable it to provide market leading medicinal products in the future.  Nanomerics has commenced an Innovate UK funded project aimed at further advancing NM127 to clinical proof of concept studies.

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