Nanomerics acquires specific rights to Alchemy Pharmatech's NALTOS device

Today, Nanomerics announced that it had acquired specific rights to Alchemy Pharmatech’s Naltos™ nasal device for the delivery of pharmaceutical actives along the nose-to-brain route.  
The device will enable Nanomerics to progress the development of NM127, Nanomerics’ opiate replacement pain asset but will also be available for the delivery of other pharmaceuticals via this route.
The acquisition is part of a collaboration between Nanomerics Ltd.  and Alchemy Pharmatech Ltd. to develop a combination product based on the Naltos™ nasal device and Nanomerics’ NM127  for the treatment of breakthrough, neuropathic and post operative pain.   NM127 is a fast acting, nano-enabled, enkephalin pain therapeutic formulated using Nanomerics’ Molecular Envelope Technology (MET).  This preclinical stage asset is delivered non-invasively via the nasal route, is active in all animal pain models, does not show analgesic tolerance, is active in morphine tolerant animals, shows no reward seeking behaviour and since it is centrally acting, will be unlikely to cause significant constipation.  Alchemy’s Naltos™ device is a dry powder delivery device that is able to deliver pharmaceutical powders high into the nostrils using a gas phase propellant.  
Naltos & MET“We are delighted to be collaborating with Nanomerics on their world beating Molecular Envelope Technology and we are pleased to have licensed specific Naltos™ rights to Nanomerics, as it enables us to demonstrate the unique ability of our Naltos™ device to reproducibly deliver powder doses via the nasal route,” said Rob Clayborough, Chief Executive Officer of Alchemy Pharmatech.
Andreas Schatzlein, Chief Executive Officer of Nanomerics, said, “We have been looking for a device manufacturer to collaborate with for a while now and we are glad that we have found the innovative technology offered by Alchey Pharmatech.  We look forward to working with Alchemy Pharmatech to bring a differentiated and efficacious medicine to patients suffering from painful conditions.” 

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