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January 2018

December 2017

NM127 Publication

Towards Better Pain Relief - New Study Published

The US health authorities have recently announced a national emergency related to the use and abuse of opioids estimate by the CDC to cost the US alone $78.5 billion a year and leading to the death of 90 Americans a day [1]. The addictive nature of our current gold standard pain killers for strong pain is central to this crisis and non-addictive alternative medication is urgently needed. Nanomerics NM127 directly addresses these needs.

November 2017

October 2017

Nanomerics Presenting at Epitarget Annual Meeting

Nanomerics' CEO Andreas Schatzlein is presenting new data on the use of the MET platform for the potential treatement of epilepsy at the Epitarget annual meeting in Warsaw (11-13 Oct). Epitarget  ( is a large European research consortium funded by the EU under the FP7 framework. Nanomerics has joined this consortium to support the CNS delivery of  novel therapeutics developed by the consortium partners.

June 2017

Treating Severe Pain vs. Opioid Epidemic

Storm clouds are gathering around pharmaceutical manufactures of opioid prescription pain killers in the US because these drugs are linked to an emerging healthcare crisis. Opiate based pain killers currently remain the 'gold' standard for the treatment of many causes of severe pain due the lack of safe and effective alternatives. This is despite their well known limitations and the high proportion of patients suffering from side effects.  Increasingly, the abuse potential of these medicines is seen as a key driver for what  FDA Commissioner Dr.

May 2017

'Tiny particles that go places' - Nanomerics CSO IF Uchegbu presenting at Soapbox Science 2017

Nanomerics’ Chief Scientific Officer will be presenting on Nanomerics’ Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) at this year’s public outreach event for women scientists - Soapbox Science 2017 London (  Soapbox science 2017 London will take place at London’s Southbank on Saturday 27th May from 2pm - 5pm.  The event which is organised annually was over subscribed this year with 104 applications chasing 12 speaking slots.

Nanomerics to Present NM147 Oral Amphotericin at Worldleish 2017

Nanomerics will be presenting data on NM147,  the MET-enabled oral form of Amphotericin B,  at the 6th World Congress on Leishmaniasis (Worldleish 2017).  The conference is organised by the WHO ColIaborating Centre for Leishmaniasis and DNDi and will be held in Toledo, Spain, from 16 to 20 May 2017. 

Nanomerics shortlisted for RSC Emerging Technologies Competition

Nanomerics today announced that its had been short listed for a Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies award. This annual award is made to companies that demonstrate the commercialisation of chemical sciences technology.  Nanomerics was short listed based on the use of its Molecular Envelope Technology, the technology underpinning Nanomerics' products, for drug delivery to the brain.