Deliver of most drug molecules, in therapeutic quantities, to the brain remains a challenge due to the presence of the  blood brain barrier (BBB). Nanomerics MET provides an elegant way to bypass the BBB by administration via the nasal route. In the olfactory region of the nose the nerves responsible for our sense of smell terminate driectly under the mucosal epithelia. These nerves directly connect to the brain without the interference of the BBB.

By depositing drug in the appropriate form at the olfactory region of the nares transport to the brain is possible.  The key factors determining efficient delivery include delivery to the olfactory area of the nares as opposed to the respiratory region, a longer retention time at the nasal mucosal surface, penetration enhancement of the active through the nasal epithelia, and a reduction in drug metabolism in the nasal cavity.  Nanomerics MET has been shown to combine these advantageous properties thus enabling efficacious therapeutic delivery of drugs and peptides to the brain e.g. NM127,  Nanomerics opioid replacement analgesic (see also our scientific publication here). 

Nanomerics'  NALTOS device allows delivery of powders to the appropriate region of the nose. Nanomerics is developing a pipeline for indications including neurodegeneration, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, and glioblastoma.